Day 52 Of 365 Days of No TV (wed)


Yesterday i also rehearsed with D.  We worker out the rope narrative.   


On my way to look at the space with the Production Gang.  14 Street Y, here we come! 

Space amazing!  Dreaming continues!

Day 51 Of 365 Days of No TV (tues)


golden handcuffs:  A rent stabilized apartment that is in such a good location and such a good rent that you can never give it up.  NEVER!


This is the life I choose. 


K, AG, S and I went to East Side Tattoos to mark our 20 year anniversary in NYC.  Phew.  What an amazing 20 years it has been.When I think back to that 18 year old from DOver DE, crying as her brother and father left the dorms.  She went into her shared bathroom and sat down on the toilet.  She glanced at the old fixtures and creepy tub.  She dropped her head own in between her shoulders and had a good old fashioned sobbery.  When she looked up, she noticed that on the back of the bathroom door, painted over only once - was a bumper sticker.  It said:  Only living witness.  




Day 50 of 365 Days of No TV (mon)


Devin still away on his meditation retreat. 

I spoke with my father on the phone yesterday.  

(It's amazing how many things can happen in one day...) 

I wanted to recount a little of that conversation. 

F:  How's Devin? 

K:  He's good.  He went to Massachusettes to take part in a week long meditation retreat.  

F:  You know what your grandmother would say if she heard about that? 

K:  (with trepidation)  what? 

F:  That's crazy.   (He laughs)

K:  huh.  


Another little tidbit

F;  WHat are you up to? 

K:  Nothing.  Oh wait.  I just got a theater for my one woman show.!

F:  Kymmy?  Why don't you get one of those movie agents who can get you in the magazines? 

....K:  Well, I'm not to interested in that right now.  I'm...

F:  I would like it if you had a mansion in (some california town, i forgot what he sadi) 

K;  Yeah. 


I'm laughing right now because this is actually an improvement.  Since the day I left for college (maybe even before) he wanted me to be a lawyer.  So, for the last 20 years, he has suggested lawyering to me anytime I tried to talk about my experience or frustrations in the theater.  

I'll let you know if lawyering comes up again.   


Back to working on the script and then I'll spend the evening working at The Bell House.   

I've been listening to a lot of music for the show today.  After seeing that dance show last night and hearing all the different music, I know it will help my writing.  It's easier for me to write to a song.  Music presents moods, themes, tempos and character.   





Day 44 Of 365 Days of No TV (Tues - day after hooky day)


after the highs of hooky day, i get my rejection email from Watermill

I saw it when I was on the rooftop looking over at the view of the east sIde of Manhattan.  I didn't read it last night on purpose. I knew they were going to turn me down.  

I looked at it today. 


I feel like it's important to tell you about all the things I get rejected from.  It's not a magical journey of coincidences and meeting the right people who catapult you greatness.  It's millions of small steps, missteps, rejections, validations, vindictions and celebrations that move a project onto the next thing.  Trying to keep myself ahead of the crushing depression of something you REALLY want.  Well, it's all fuel for the fire.  It ends up in the work.   

Day after hooky day is movie day. 

I'm all garfield today. 


Day 47 Of 365 Days of No TV (fri)


Devin leaves for his week long meditation retreat. 

I am balking from post production meeting, broken expectation blowback. 

I am working at Floyd. 

Occasionally, it's nice to go do something easy.  Something I'm really good at.  It's a relief.  Like bartending.  It was a busy night at Floyd which is good because I make some money and break from all the heavy lifting of the week.   

Oh yeah!  And I put a freakin' down freakin' payment on a theater for Plasticland:  A Better Place. 


Date and place confirmed gives me renewed vigor to really nail the script.   


Day 49 Of 365 Days of No TV (sun)


Plasticland writing and printing session.  I've also been listening to a lot of music. 

Lunch with D at Laut to talk a bit about collaboration.  She is a valuable resource (and amazing friend)  and thanks to a lost date - I got to go see a dance show that was like:  Six Characters meets Ira Glass.  Ira Glass was in it!  His version of story-telling with the dancer's dancing.  A section where he interviewed the dancer's and the audience gets a chance to hear their thoughts.  Storytelling and dance.   Groovy!  

One of the stories came from an interview with Donald Hall - a poet who wrote "Without"  A book of poems about the dying days of his wife of 22 years.  Ira had recorded Donald reading one of his poems.  It was amazing.  This piece was couched in the part of the show called:  Act II.  Act II was all about love.  

A review of "Without" 

You might expect the fact of dying--the dying of a beloved wife and fellow poet--to make for a bleak and lonely tale. But Donald Hall's poignant and courageous poetry, facing that dread fact, involves us all: the magnificent, humorous, and gifted woman, Jane Kenyon, who suffered and died; the doctors and nurses who tried but failed to save her; the neighbors, friends, and relatives who grieved for her; the husband who sat by her while she lived and afterward sat in their house alone with his pain, self-pity, and fury; and those of us who till now had nothing to do with it. As Donald Hall writes, "Remembered happiness is agony; so is remembered agony." Without will touch every feeling reader, for everyone has suffered loss and requires the fellowship of elegy. In the earth's oldest poem, when Gilgamesh howls of the death of Enkidu, a grieving reader of our own time may feel a kinship, across the abyss of four thousand years, with a Sumerian king. In Without Donald Hall speaks to us all of grief, as a poet lamenting the death of a poet, as a husband mourning the loss of a wife. Without is Hall's greatest and most honorable achievement -- his give and testimony, his lament and his celebration of loss and of love.


Day 37 of 365 Days of No TV. (tues)



Met up with J.  We went on a tour of the 14 St Y Theater where we promptly fell in love.  Beautiful space, lovely people, thoughtful choices designing the theater and passionate to back it up.  Only one hitch - the dates we wanted are not available.... We'll think about it.


J and i went to meet Devin and P and O.  They were picking up their stuff in storage to bring back to their new homestead in Colorado.  Incredible.  I'm so proud of them.  I can't wait to go hang out at their place.  As soon as they have bathrooms!


We went to Il posto accanto.  Our favorite trattoria.  We go there during the day when everyone else is at work.  Our favorite bartender always gives us a glass of free prosecco the moment we walk in.  He knows we want to drink either Lambrusco Solo or Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi.  We went there after we got engaged.  Thanks to serendipity, this was his last day working there.  We tipped him exorbitantly but it will never be the same without him.  We'll visit him at his new place FIORE.   


2nd Production Meeting

Everyone was so damned excited to show off their experiments and ideas.  I'm satisfied to know that I wrote something that is spawning one billion ideas.  I think the backbone of the show will be the simplicity of the performance.  I need to delve deeper into the script.  I have the personal need to organize writing rehearsals better.  And maybe let the reins go a bit.    



Day 36 of 365 Days of No TV. (mon) getting her done music ensues


Feeling good

about going to Delaware

about sending out useful emails

about getting car rented

about looking at deadlines


International Hooky Day Party - Monday August 19 - The Revolution will have a day off!

Has it been almost a whole summer and you still haven't enjoyed a "real" vacation day all for yourself?  

Well, then......Let's be bad. Let's play Hooky. We dare YOU! (that's right, you pretty face) to take an unplanned day off.  

We're instituting a revolutionary new holiday.  We know you need a day off to smell the roses. We know. Because we do too.  

So, we'll join together on Monday August 19. There will be no crowds to fight because everyone else will be at work. It will be just us and a totally random monday with no work, We'll hang out with our fellow truants and laugh at the sun, land butterflies on our eyelashes and drink in the middle of the day. Innocent naughty goodness shall be had!  We are charging a $20 ticket fee that will help cover expenses, buy you a margarita, get you the super-secret itinerary for our roving daytime party and a list of suggested supplies and support the continuing theater efforts of Collision Productions.  Just to give you a little taste of our itinerary:  Number One on the list is "Sleep In."   Buy your tickets here:

Hooky Day will begin at 11:30am on the East Village. It will end at 11pm in a glorious secret location but will not leave NYC.  

The day is kid friendly until 5:30. After 5:30, adult swim is in effect.  

See the facebook invite here:

Hooky day is all about you.  

And not going to work.  

And running after the ice cream man.  


and the living should be easy.



Day 34 of 365 Days of No TV. (sat)


Saturdays - I live in the limbo between Friday Night and Saturday Night bartending.

...I enjoy the calmness, the daily chores that get done, the lists that get fulfilled and the cats that get cuddling....