Day 3 of 365 days

On Day 2 of 365 days of No TV, I wrote a heartfelt, thoughtful, very earnest blog post.  Then, I accidentally deleted said post.  Then, I wrote a new post.  The new post was weird but I liked it.  After posting, I joked with JB that (maybeeee) I should always write a blog post and then delete it and then write a new one and post that one instead.  

On Day 3 of 365 days of No TV, I wrote a blog post and pressed the little *Save & Publish* button.  My computer attempted to save that blog post for some time.  (let's say, about the time it takes for me to take a shower) My internet went out and so did my blog post.  It neither saved nor published.  


I had a good rehearsal today.  One of those rehearsals that get you a little high afterward.  Beforehand, I had been dragging my costume all over the city a grumpy, sweaty mess.  Afterward, all of a sudden, it seemed weightless.  

What had happened?  Work.  A sharp eye on moments that felt forced or unfulfilled.  My inner critic turned on and took the problem by the nards and slowly peeled away extra junk not needed.  What does this moment really need?  How does this moment feel?  Why am I doing this?  Is it supported?  I talked aloud.  I wandered the room.  What does the audience see?  I cut.  I edited.  I conglomerated and stripped down.  Why is this not working?  Why does this work?  Take that out.  Don't fuck around.  

I was working with my musical collab C.  We were working his entrance.  We had overlooked the most simple fact.  This small fact was paid the attention it was due.  


Final 20 minutes of rehearsal.  Let's do the whole banana.

C asks:  How long do you think it is?   

I say:  17 minutes

We begin.  It goes.  New opening feels natural - part of the DNA of the show - awkwardness has fallen away from it and we have REHEARSED it.  We get back to the rest of the piece.  Things tweaked by director DE earlier in week added into the mix really heat up this part now.  Now, we're flying to my favorite part.  

The end.  


Yes.  I could really feel the narrative.  I'm happy. 

Time:  16:40.

Told ya.