Day 8 of 365 - the trials and tribulations of bubble tea

Bubble tea. 

Why did I order it?  I really wanted iced ginger honey mint tea.  I wanted to walk down 10th street wearing a blue dress while drinking a delicious and refreshing iced ginger honey mint tea.  

But no.  I ordered a peach bubble tea with lychee bulbs (bubbles?)  This is not a 97 degree day treat.  Firstly, with every sip of bubble tea, I tempt the very edges of life.  Each sip through the oversized straw, I am another sip closer to sucking those little, slimy balls straight into my throat where they could, very easily, lodge and cut off my breathing.  This would result in my death.  Death is not relaxing.  I drink bubble tea with fear; my spine is a tense board.  I attempt to not suck too hard though the straw.

The irony is bubble tea makes me more thirsty.  All that concentration on not sucking those phlegmy balls into my throat.  The balls are gross and slimy but, I guess, I am a glutton for punishment.  I'm still drinking it now and I'm at home.  And there's no more tea left in the cup.  

I'm throwing it out.   


I wanted to record a beautiful new york image.  I saw a woman wearing a beautiful full length dress with a navy print.  She had a pleasing shape to me.  She was bent sideways, over her child's stroller, pointing up at the sky.  Her kid had let go of his blue balloon which was flying away into the sky.   I was listening to the song below....