Day 18 of 365 Days of No TV

1. Penultimate day of SITI training  (I'm sad about this now)

2. work (floyd)

While training today, we made viewpoint improvs from slips of paper with beginning, middles and ends on them.  

Coincidentally, our improv began with my suggestion (begin:  laying on the floor), and then had one middle suggestion (prolonged moment of silence and stillness) and 2 others suggested - crescendo and solo with text - and ended with my end suggestion - exit one by one back to the audience and regard the space.  It was a fun secret to have throughout the improv. 

I used Plasticland imagery all day today and found it made for very strong choices and images. 

I wish my neck would give up the fight in Suzuki.  Tomorrow, I will focus on a long relaxed neck.