A Special Insert - The Revolution Will Have The Day Off!

Greetings and Salutations, kitty cats!

I do hope that Summer 2013 has been a crackerjack season for you so far...

It's your ole buddyl, ole pal Ms. Kym Bernazky dropping you an important line.  

I realized something the other day that needs to be addressed.

August has no holidays.

(ok, ok except for International Left Handers Day on August 13)

August has no important "Day-Off" holidays.

How could this atrocious iniquity be?  I mean, what the fuck, August?  You're the hottest month of the year and you can't slip us a day-off holiday in which we can escape the frigid AC of our offices and burst out into the hot city - our cells throbbing with the potential of a day-off.... 

Well, as you may know, 

I am anti-iniquity, people!  We must right this wrong. So  I'm enacting my own revolutionary holiday!

National (fuck it.) 

INTER-National Hooky Day! AUGUST 19!!!


 International Hooky Day

 shall be commemorated on August 19!

This post begs you - NAY - entreats and commands you to take this one day off from/of work!  

Take possession of your time! and your summer!  

Own your own life! 

Treat yourself to a glorious day of skullduggery, tomfoolery japery, frolicking gambols and mishegoss!  

Make this a vacation day you won't forget!  

So, I'm giving you 22 days to come up with an excuse.  "The flu has been going around".  Perhaps you need a "tooth cleaning" that day.  Or you could always call in last minute with a nyc favorite:  food poisoning.  

In fact, I'll send you an excuse for everyday from now until Aug 18, if you need one.

What more can I tell you about International Hooky Day?

- It will be held on Monday August 19.  

- It will be an all day affair that will not leave NYC

- It will cost $20 - the $20 purchases the secret itinerary for Hooky Day and covers expenses.  It also supports the continuing efforts of Kym Bernazky and her 365 days of No TV. 

- The itinerary will cover the whole day but you can join us at any point along the way.  If you want to work in the morning, you can join us at noon.  If you can only leave work one hour early, so be it!   

-  The first thing on the itinerary will be "sleep in"

- Do you know someone who should be playing hooky with you?  Well, feel free to forward this along.  Let's all meet up for International Hooky Day.

Let's squeeze every drop of summer from that muggy towel that is August!

Squeeze it good.

Your friendly neighborhood anti-iniquity type,

Kym Bernazky


PS  If you have any questions - to get on the list or anything else - contact me ASAP.   


This post was brought to you by exclamation points.