Day 36 of 365 Days of No TV. (mon) getting her done music ensues


Feeling good

about going to Delaware

about sending out useful emails

about getting car rented

about looking at deadlines


International Hooky Day Party - Monday August 19 - The Revolution will have a day off!

Has it been almost a whole summer and you still haven't enjoyed a "real" vacation day all for yourself?  

Well, then......Let's be bad. Let's play Hooky. We dare YOU! (that's right, you pretty face) to take an unplanned day off.  

We're instituting a revolutionary new holiday.  We know you need a day off to smell the roses. We know. Because we do too.  

So, we'll join together on Monday August 19. There will be no crowds to fight because everyone else will be at work. It will be just us and a totally random monday with no work, We'll hang out with our fellow truants and laugh at the sun, land butterflies on our eyelashes and drink in the middle of the day. Innocent naughty goodness shall be had!  We are charging a $20 ticket fee that will help cover expenses, buy you a margarita, get you the super-secret itinerary for our roving daytime party and a list of suggested supplies and support the continuing theater efforts of Collision Productions.  Just to give you a little taste of our itinerary:  Number One on the list is "Sleep In."   Buy your tickets here:

Hooky Day will begin at 11:30am on the East Village. It will end at 11pm in a glorious secret location but will not leave NYC.  

The day is kid friendly until 5:30. After 5:30, adult swim is in effect.  

See the facebook invite here:

Hooky day is all about you.  

And not going to work.  

And running after the ice cream man.  


and the living should be easy.