Day 44 Of 365 Days of No TV (Tues - day after hooky day)


after the highs of hooky day, i get my rejection email from Watermill

I saw it when I was on the rooftop looking over at the view of the east sIde of Manhattan.  I didn't read it last night on purpose. I knew they were going to turn me down.  

I looked at it today. 


I feel like it's important to tell you about all the things I get rejected from.  It's not a magical journey of coincidences and meeting the right people who catapult you greatness.  It's millions of small steps, missteps, rejections, validations, vindictions and celebrations that move a project onto the next thing.  Trying to keep myself ahead of the crushing depression of something you REALLY want.  Well, it's all fuel for the fire.  It ends up in the work.   

Day after hooky day is movie day. 

I'm all garfield today.