Day 50 of 365 Days of No TV (mon)


Devin still away on his meditation retreat. 

I spoke with my father on the phone yesterday.  

(It's amazing how many things can happen in one day...) 

I wanted to recount a little of that conversation. 

F:  How's Devin? 

K:  He's good.  He went to Massachusettes to take part in a week long meditation retreat.  

F:  You know what your grandmother would say if she heard about that? 

K:  (with trepidation)  what? 

F:  That's crazy.   (He laughs)

K:  huh.  


Another little tidbit

F;  WHat are you up to? 

K:  Nothing.  Oh wait.  I just got a theater for my one woman show.!

F:  Kymmy?  Why don't you get one of those movie agents who can get you in the magazines? 

....K:  Well, I'm not to interested in that right now.  I'm...

F:  I would like it if you had a mansion in (some california town, i forgot what he sadi) 

K;  Yeah. 


I'm laughing right now because this is actually an improvement.  Since the day I left for college (maybe even before) he wanted me to be a lawyer.  So, for the last 20 years, he has suggested lawyering to me anytime I tried to talk about my experience or frustrations in the theater.  

I'll let you know if lawyering comes up again.   


Back to working on the script and then I'll spend the evening working at The Bell House.   

I've been listening to a lot of music for the show today.  After seeing that dance show last night and hearing all the different music, I know it will help my writing.  It's easier for me to write to a song.  Music presents moods, themes, tempos and character.