Day 31 of 365 Days Of No TV (wed)


Bad news.  Real bad news. Life and death bad news. bad news that brushes away every other thought you had in your head. And then that bad news is all you think of. And that creative groove u were working in, well, you're not in that groove anymore. I'm not thinking about myself. I'm thinking about life and death. "I have breast cancer," she says. Utter Shock.  She'd left a message for me in Sunday. This was Monday. I called her back. She called me back. I could tell in her voice right away. How do we have these premonitions?  Of course, I'm not sure what to say. I've known this woman for over 20 years. We grew up together. We spent all those formative years, formatizing.   She's a bad ass.

I'm writing this entry 2 days later.  I'm crying.

On the bright side, I also know she's going to be fine.  That's so weird. How could I know?  But I do.

Found myself distracted.  Beyond distracted. Forgetful. Really forgetful. I'm usually very careful.  Dumb mistakes at work.

More fallout

More distraction

Writing today was like having lots of leftover food on your plate.  Your mom wants you to eat it. You keep moving it around to make look different or look like less but it's still the same damn thing.