My doc martens are about to take a serious hit for art...

...but one's footwear should always match one's sledgehammer.


I'll be off to work soon but I wanted to talk about my day a little.  Devin had to work all day.  Without Devin around, that would usually lead to unfettered watching of reality TV ie Survivor, Toddlers and Tiaras, Say Yes to the Dress and other stuff I shouldn't admit to.  

Today I spent the day getting ready for my event tomorrow.  I also pitched a project to Winkel & Balktick for their big science-inspired warehouse party.  Trying to get ahead of my weekly things by making sure there are things on my horizon.  Instead of ingesting and getting nothing from my time, I spray painted a sledgehammer gold.  

Who else can say that?

I'm finding music is really replacing TV.  Luckily, I find music creatively stimulating and completely heartening.  

Today's playlist called would be called Gold Spraypaint Fumes  (details to follow)