Week 14's thing - What thing did I make this week? A Decision. (darn it.)

For the past 2 days, I wished that I didn't exist.  Not forever.  Just the past 2 days.  There was some thing lodged inside my chest, trying to get out.  Ick.  I feel icky all over.  I feel like I'm being stupid.  

On Sunday, I finished a 10-day immersive Grotowski workshop.  I don't think I can really explain to you the immensity of experience in a blog post.  I have been writing this post for 2 days and it has not been working.  

Sometimes things come along at just the right time.  

This year I have been quietly building an arsenal of people, supplies and inspiration.  I just slipped the final tool into my tool belt - a new way to access and tap into my emotions, memories and thoughts.  

This workshop helped me build a neural pathway between "I think I can" and "I know I can."  

So, without further ado...

without total funding...

without confirmed space...

I'm doing a one woman show.  It's called PLASTICLAND:  A BETTER PLACE.  It's set on the North Pacific Garbage Patch.  It's about the end of the world (and also the beginning...)  It will be a beautiful conglomeration of things that I love and have seen and done in my life.  My audience will be transported to the deepest recesses of my mind where we'll plumb fear, magic and wonder. We'll dive into the detritus that makes up that nasty plastic continent - floating on the very edge of our minds - just out of reach.  

My first goal....hmmmm....get in the studio and work as soon as possible.  So, after I'm done with this post - I'm off to reserve some space.  


Ah, space.  




Your very humble bee

AKA Kym Bernazky