Week 32's Thing: Hats Off to The Red Room - coming March 20


32 Weeks Of No TV

The Red Room Is Closing!  The Red Room Is Closing!  Come with us as we celebrate the artistic life of the sweetest little space ever.  I've seen and done some amazing things in The Red Room.  Let's send her on her way in style... As part of the BLAZE OF GLORY Festival with Horse Trade Theater Group

Hear about Horse Trade's feelings about the closing of The Red Room...Listen to the nytheatre podcast here: http://ow.ly/ikBgp


dramatis personae (in a totally random order)

Jingle Fervle

Tina West 

Melanie Jones

Macwood Fleet

Devin Assuncao

Alex Gray

Hula Dancing Girls AND Boys from Lotus

Katharine Houston

Jessica Baker

Joy Leonard

Rachael Harrington

Cristiano Adiutori

Sonia Villani

Jennifer Stepanyk

Caroline O'Meara

Allison Linker

Hosted by Devin Assuncao and Kym Bernazky

 and a very special, not-to-be-missed reunion of epic proportions...(okay, it's the Six Characters)


bios and pictures of beautiful people

  • Katharine Houston graduated from NYU's Tisch, like 10 minutes ago. Since then she has performed Shakespeare, experimental theatre, did some voiceovers, spent an amazing 8/9 years writing and performing with the silent, slapstick comedy group Six Characters, wrote and performed with the lady sketch comedy trio Booby Hatch and won an award for their rap video called "Suck It!". It's about cunnilingus. If she is lying in a heap on the stage, please help her up. She is nine months pregnant. 



  • Alex Gray likes to write, perform (mostly funny) things, and spend too much time on twitter (@AceofSix). She does a lot of things slightly well and will appear several times in the night's festivities. You may grow tired of seeing her face. But if you do, please don't let on.



  • The hula group includes Noel Bordador, Miyuki Daniels. Aleksey Federov, Kyaw Tha Hala, Kim Toscano, and Alex Gray. They study hula with Makalina Abalos at Lotus Music and Dance Studio here in New York City.

  • Rachael Harrington is a performer, writer, and director who Loves Lucy, the beautiful game (soccer), and the color purple (and The Color Purple). www.rachaelharrington.com 



  • Sabrina and Kristopher Stoker formed the sketch group "Jingle Fervle" approximately two weeks after first meeting. Prior to that, they had appeared separately (but equally) in some plays, movies, tv stuff and improv/sketch shows. Since then, they have created several YouTube sensations, acted in a couple of plays together, gotten married, had a baby, and moved to Arkansas. They are very pleased to be making their live comedy debut at The Red Room. 



  • Improv super group, Macwood Fleet, are legends by their own admission. Bursting onto the scene with a hip, smart, flowing, intense, champagne-bubble style of improv. Guaranteed. 
    Macwood Fleet is Evan Gregory, Nadia Garbosky, Nick Afka Thomas, Patrick Hamilton and Sarah Ann Masse 

  • Tina West is a writer, performer, and director who's been making theatre in New York for 15 years. She's been a long-time member of Synaesthetic Theatre and curates Brooklyn's Top Secret Reading Series. She's grateful to be performing at The Red Room before she has to say good-bye to it.



    • Husband-and-Wife sketch and improv team, We are Thomasse, combines the masculine machinations of Nick Afka Thomas with the feminine forces of Sarah Ann Masse. Pronounced "Thomasse". Or, more helpfully- it rhymes with sassy.