Week 4's thing - Devin's thing

Welcome to the Brownfish Mobile Film Festival making it's debut appearance at Lost Horizon's Night Market hidden away on a deserted stretch of highway deep in the belly of the Boogie Down Bronx!

I am your usher and sweaty escort as we tour through the following pictures as my pictures tended towards the impressionistic.  

Devin (my dear husband and partner-in-crime) wanted to take part in this year's Night Market - an underground art fest.  You see, what happens is each artist rents a box truck.  Each inside of the box truck is turned into an art installation of some sort.  Entre vous Magic!  

We meet the other vans at an undisclosed location.  We find 20 foot walls and this hilarious sign outside.  The teamsters seem to have a sharp sense of humor in these parts. 

Our van with nothing in it.  We turned this into this below...

Voila!  A screening room in a box truck.  A film festival in the back of a van.  It was very fun.  We were very sold out.  We made lots of popcorn.  I'm very proud of Devin.  He really hit this one out of the park.  We can't wait to do it again next time...