Week 8's Thing - Art de Toilette

I have been living in my cozy (read: tiny) 5 floor walk-up, East Village apartment for 17 years.  On one of those days, my proir roommate (AKA best friend and general monkey-business partner for life) decided we would start wiriting on the bathroom wall.  The rest is undocumented history....

....Undocumented until now!

This page will record the giant art piece that my bathroom has evolved into over the years.  It is beautiful, tawdry and filled with with wisdom, randomness and Star Wars references.  I'm pretty sure every person who has walked into my apartment has left something behind on my bathroom wall. (ahem)  In case of fire, eviction, or relocation or other act of god, I plan on updating this page with images from my WC so that it won't be lost forever.

Please enjoy...



 - self-portrait in my bathroom - 2008


- I am an evil wittle bunny wabbit (sharpie, colored pencil, black magic marker)


- Mr. Kitty Has A Posse (black magic marker, glow in the dark paint)



-Kung Fu Jimmy done dropkicked Jesus, Man (sharpie)




- A Beautiful Day at Intergalatic Ballpark (novelty stickers, colored pencil, magic markers, sharpies)




- I Am Late For Work  (colored pencil)



- NIce Pants (black magic marker)



- Moonstruck (marker)



- A Safer Place (brown Sharpie)



- Dessert for Dali (photograph)



- Blue Hole AKA ....badgers.... (sharpie and colored pencil)


- You Can't Fax Acid (a musing by Zach Galifinakis)




- The very wise Tom Robbins (or is it Anais Nin?)



-EEFOC is coming




- The Three-eyed Sun 




- Kym & Sarah is the bomb



- Can Hitler Have a Juice Box?  (Devin and I are so sure we heard this on that Ray Romano TV show?)




-  ...is this a sandwich?