Week 9's thing - Arbor Day (the teaser)

Arbor Day Teaser Trailer from John Des Roches on Vimeo.

(Let me spread thanks to my collaborators John Des Roches and Devin Assuncao.  I think this is the continuation of a beautiful relationship.  I send you my love and neverending awe of friends who like to hang out and make things together.)


Down with TV!


Extra! Extra! Extra!  

Know - this is just the teaser to the trailer.

Know - Arbor day is coming!

Know - This has been 12 years in the making.


EXCLUSIVE:  Behind the scenes...

Collision Studios, NYC



John sets up the high tech special EFX screen.




John and Devin get our stars ready for their close-up.



Assistant to the shrubbery Kym B




View from the bottom




How peaceful hippies endeavor to make smoke EFX.  Using incense, of course.