The 100 Grants 

Wall Of Thanks

1.  The Fellowship of A.R.D. Knight 

2.  Executive Grantor EQP Esq.  

3. The Philanthropic Community of Paden 

4.  The Giving Branch of The Hudnal Corp.

5.  The WIllie Bee Foundation & Partners

6.  The Chief's Scholarship for Artist's Toiling Away in Anonymity 

7.   The Dec Family Circus - Robotics Arm

8.  The Dec Family Circus - Vintner Arm

9.  The William Program for Continuing Education

10. The Academy of Cook, Cook and Cook for the Advancement of LED Lights

11.  W.C. Alliance to support designers and designers getting paid

12. VIPWCINC, supplying funds for artists who may find themselves CITR (crying in the rain)

13. The Fund for locals at 520 (for husbandry)  

14.  The W. Bondo Center with continuing support for performers with Suzuki Fever

15. The Great Big Endowment of Mommers

16.  The Special Aid Fund for People Perplexed by Parallel Parking with support from the JFD Family Trust 

17.  The JFD Family Trust also give a second grant to support those afflicted by PPbPP 

18. The O'Sully Annual Contributionary Association for Boriqua Forever Constituents     

19. Finn Dee Dogg III Monies for the Betterment of HWMFMF (Humanoids Who May Feed Me Food)

20.  The Patronage of A. Gray's Allocationary Subsidy Giving Assistance to the Semi-Priviliged 

21.  The Eleventh Street + Liverpool Sanctionary Foundation for Bartending Experimental Artists Special Thanks to the Mrs. A.C. Branch 

22.  The Charity of Schwanda Farms (The Anti-Squirrel League)

23.  Cat Fanciers of Pennsylvania 

24.  horning.corp

25.  The Ladies of PA supporting the payment of Theater Space

26.  KH Organization for Gaffe Tape Purchase

27.  The Advocacy of The Horning Family 

28.  Kims supporting Kyms United

29. Rensky's Oboe Preservation Society

30.  The Pro-American Jon Stamos League in partnership with S. Allen Esq.

31.  The 11th Street Committee  

32.  ACBTUA  (Alphabet City Bearded Texans United for Artists)

33.  The A&S Family Trust (Supporting the Purchase of Things That Twinkle)

34.  The BUDDHA (Bestowing Ulysses: Devin Described His Admiration) Fund

35.  Rutger's Alumni Association celebrating BAW (Bad Ass Women)

36.  The Waterbury Hospital Liberation Front

37.  CT-SCA Relocation Committee

38.  Expert Flan Maker's of America

39.  The Million Mother-In-Law March

40.  Future Retirees of America

41.  The Vegan Director's Guild supporting Exorbitant Director's Fees 

42.  Union Hall Brethren Support Club 

43.  The Two Person FanClub of HUM - meetings every Saturday night at Union Hall

44.  The UH OCD Bartending League against Muddling

45.  (BRF) inc.  (best regular forever)

46.  The Alliance of Mighty Super Powers supporting Tequila Tipplers

47.  Universal Bad Asses Confederation

48.  SNM Federation of AMV (cuz we're fuckin' women)

49  The J. Pickard Consortium for KTG  (keeping things green)

50.  The Iowa Syndicate

51.  A League of Kinkens

52.  The Junior Executive Affiliates of A Division of ToneyCorp

53.  The Elder Executive Affiliates of A Division of ToneyCorp

54.  Dr. Hill of the Newly Dubbed Eleventh Street Hills - Formerly of The Red Hook Hills 

55.  The Ol' 55 Branch of The Jersey City Three

56.   The Australian Stomping Guild Supporting International Independent Theater

57.  Uptown Futbol and Traveling Enthusiasts In Support of The Downtown Arts

58.  The John of The Rocks Family Fund

59.  Storytellers Unite and Undress in a Sexy Manner Syndicate  (SUUSM) 

60.  The German Contingent of The East Village Anti-Bed Bug League 

61.  DODOTO 

62.  The Park Slope Revival of Bird Reading and Modern Dance   

63.  The Mighty Might Bostonians 

64.  THEPRS (The Theodore H. Endowment for the Procurement of Rehearsal Space)

65.  Silent Comedy Supports Speaking out for Mimes

66.  The Woody Wilson Scholarship for Things "For Kids"  

67.  The Chancellorship of "I am Glurth" 

68.  The Auriferous Grubstaking of The Vosston Trustees

69.  Hanukai Patronage of Happiest Coincidence & Partners

70.  The Gifted Gifting Prowess Of Davi with Matching Gifts from Overseas Artists

71.  Bernazkys Supporting Bernazkys

72.  The Miracle Grant

73.  The Contributing Efforts Of Freakishly Wonderful and Flexible Teachers

74.  The Benefaction of East New York 

75.  The Subvention of The Nicholas 4

76.  The Large Largesse of ECFOOCROD Amalgamated

77.  The Lagniappe of Butterfly Wranglers 

78.   Long-Legged Storytellers Bequeathment of Needed Funds 

79.  The Brain Trust 

80.  The Brain Trust (Don't make me say it twice)

81.  "The Leader Of The People" Numismatical Fiscality 

82.  "A Durham is a girl's best Friend" Alliance For Survivors of DHS


84.  The Left Handed Stylings of Mr. Boom Boomerang Box on Ninth St.

85.  The Moving Manderley Woods 

86.  Hitchcock's 27th Street Secret Hooligans Society 

87.  How the West Won Me Recognition Award For Excellence

88. The Bridges BIkers of Sligo County Conglomerate

89.  The Pink Dolphin Club

90.  Supporters of Soup Lunch Unite!

91.  Angor Wot?  Inc.

92. World's Greatest Producerator Goes Too Far 

93.  The Rockin' Carpenter Guild (This is not affiliated with a Jesus Guild)

94.  Kennefactory de The Vinegar Hill Gang Co.

95.  Honey-Glazed Canadian Hams and Partners

96.  The Firm of Alphabet City Rock and Roll Fishermen  

97.  The Club of Australian Supporters For The Making of Magical Art

98.  CDG (Cats for the Dissemination of Greenies)  

99.  The Penultimatimary Fund For Getting Shit Done