PLASTICLAND:  A BETTER PLACE is a theater piece, which brings the audience on a journey to the doldrums of the Pacific Ocean where they encounter a giant plastic trash heap - roughly the size of Texas!  The plastic behemoth takes control of the theater and the audience and performer must join together to escape the clutches of the looming plastic menace.  The journey through the depths of PLASTICLAND is a delight to the senses.


Every time I came on deck to survey the horizon, I saw a soap bottle, bottle cap or a shard of plastic waste bobbing by. Here I was in the middle of the ocean and there was nowhere I could go to avoid the plastic."  - Charles J Moore, oceanographer, on discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Some random musings

 Plasticland:  A Better Place has been brewing in my brain for longer than I think.  After I read the words of Charles J Moore about his discovery of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, I was shocked to find out that this scourge existed. I was more surprised that no one seemed to know about it.  This thing was not common knowledge.  I guess, It's just not a sexy topic.  The animals which are being killed are not cute and cuddly.  It's something we would all rather turn a blind eye.  Out of sight - out of mind.  It's out there, though.  Nudging in on the edge of our consciousness.   The most distressing aspect is that we can't do anything about it.  There are no superheros to fly it into Space (Which wouldn't work anyway because it would just become The Great Milky Way Garbage Patch, I suppose.) 

I can't offer a solution.  Plasticland:  A Better Place wonders about what The Great Pacific Garbage Patch means to us as our great big mass of humanity.  When we sit on the beach and see pieces of plastic trash and think about the Patch out there - what reflects back to us?  If we dive deeper into the Patch, what do we find out about ourselves, each other and the universe?  What does this Garbage Patch have to say?  

I can only keep wondering.  Plasticland:  A Better Place is me wondering out loud with an audience watching.   


photo by Adam Cohen

photo by Adam Cohen


Cristiano Adiutori, Musical Collaborator

a songwriter, singer and guitarist very inclined to live shows and a very close relation with the audience.


Jessica D. Baker, Producer

Jessica D. Baker is a freelance commercial theatrical producer and general manager based in New York City. In addition to her work with “ENDURE,” Jessica is also currently creative producing Blue Man Group's upcoming stage show at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Past credits include General Manager for Franco Dragone Entertainment Group's smash hit in Asia, "The House of Dancing Water," Producer for Synaesthetic Theatre's "The Trial of K" in New York and Salamanca, Spain and "Arcana: Cycle of the Fool" in New York City. Jessica also worked for 10 years on the senior management team of Blue Man Productions in New York, NY.

David Crittenden, Costume Designer

David Crittenden is a founding member of Synaesthetic Theatre.  David received his BFA and MFA from NYU’s Department of Design. David has designed costumes for all of Synaesthetic Theatre's shows. Professionally, he works at Carelli Costumes where he makes costumes, hats and special electric/mechanical costumes. David has worked on over 75 Broadway shows including special effect rigs for Dracula and Spamalot.

Dave Edson, Director

Dave Edson is an unapologetic Renaissance Man. As an actor, director, writer, improviser, animal nerd, travel lover, kid whisperer, composer, blues guitarist, Dave really just likes to tell a good story. After sharpening his teeth in Chicago, over a decade in NYC, six years with award winning theatre company Blessed Unrest, and extensive training with some of the most creative people on the planet, Dave continues to move forward. He does not know where he’s going, but he’s not lost. Dave performs with his long form improv team, Dinosaur Cop, participates in a monthly site specific show called “Our Bar”, and is directing an original one woman show, “Plasticland: A Better Place”.


The Above Is A Video of Plasticland: A Better Place.  It's a showpiece that was created with The Field's FAR Space residency.