Six Characters

1998 - 2008

ensemble of 6 (ok.  sometimes 4.  other times 7.  but mostly 6)

All silent comedy influenced by silent movies especially Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd.  Mixed with the sketch stylings of Monty Python, The Kids In The Hall and Mr. Show.  Inspired by incredible music, deeply entrenched in satirizing genre, writing mini-narratives, defining a new movement aesthetic akin to silent comedy dance meets commedia del arte. With a dash of mummenshanz. 

We created 3 all-original multi-media live shows.

Six Characters In Search Of A Working Title - The Six Characters Cometh - Six Characters:  Best Show Ever!

One TV Pilot

Too Cancelled For TV

Many Short Films

Including 2 which were commissioned by NRDC

 Arctic Margarita

Global Warmth

We earned our stripes in the downtown theater scene of the nineties.  We performed at practically every theater that no longer exists.  Collective Unconscious, Todo Con Nada, Pianos, The Kraine, Under St. Marks, The Gershwin, The Chernuchin, The Connelly...